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Progressive Orthodontic Seminars Holland/Belgium
`Learn to treat patients that need ortho.` Gallarta, Spanje

Comprehensive 2-year orthodontic course
The world´s leader in orthodontic training for GPs
- Over 7.000 graduates from 40 worldwide locations
- Full support for the rest of your career
- Lifetime Free Retake Policy

Progressive´s full orthodontic system will provide you all the tools you need to offer quality orthodontics in your practice. With th most comprehensive training in the industry and step-by-step treatment planning, you can always feel confident your cases will finish with the results your patients deserve. Degigned with lifetime support and a Lifetime Free Retake Policy. we will help you succeed throughout your orthodontic career.

Join our New series in 2016
Amsterdam April 15-18
Poligono Industrial El Campillo, Edificio de oficinas 2a dtpo 12
Gallarta, Spanje
0800 022 33 59 Holland / 0800 767 220 Belgium